by Donna Labermeier

From author Donna Labermeier comes a new, fascinating, young adult fantasy series, that’s born from her moments of illness and recovery.

Koemi can rescue people from their deepest despair. Harata can intuit a person's innermost thoughts. Eleanor can make sick people well. None of them knows each other, but these three young people and others like them share an astounding destiny...They were born to heal the world. They are THE HEALERS.

"An exciting, brilliantly written book filled with thrills and surprises, an evil genius, and a cast of memorable characters led by three terrific superstars. A fantastic adventure you're sure to want to join-read it tonight!"-Lester Ferguson, author of Forest of the Sprites.

"Reads like a 3D movie! A mesmerizing fantasy adventure that mixes cinematic action and big-screen headliners with the twists, spirit and originality of the genre's best. Hollywood, are you guys listening?" -Grace Boykin, author of Shadow Upon The Earth.

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